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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Anticipating an Hiatus

It is now May and finals are just about over.  That means the dranos will be returning and our empty nest lifestyle goes on hiatus.  Our lives become less couple self centered.  No more walking around with minimal clothing.  Fewer spontaneous, "let's just go out to dinner."  I doubt we will lounge around in bed on weekend mornings because we will want to hang with the kids.  The new found routine is disrupted.  Even though we know it will be somewhat short lived, we need to prepare to adjust.

I really look forward to being a more active part of their lives and sharing my daily experiences with them.  Meeting for breakfasts and catching up at dinner will be fun, real family-like.  I am curious how their thinking and maturity has changed after a year of college, living with different people, being stimulated by the world's events and maybe not enjoying quite as many creature comforts as they do at home.  Will they be more independent? or will they appreciate the family dynamics more?  Anticipating and wonder, how will our reunited family interact?

I also ponder how it changes our marital interactions.  Being together and alone together has brought us closer.  We talk to each other more. We have started watching TV together, sharing meals and just hanging out.  With the return of the interlopers how will this change our dynamics.  No doubt it will because we will be sharing time with the kids that would have been devoted to one another.  The real question is, can we retain some of the closer interaction and still get quality kid time.

Overall, these are mostly good issues and bring no real worry.  Simply as I think ahead, I wonder, how will the first, un-empty nest summer be and should I do anything to prepare.  Nah, like with every other change, we will figure it out as we go.

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